Alfred – Amazing Applications Series

What is Alfred?

Alfred is a lot like Spotlight for Mac OS on steroids. It’s a productivity tool that I use countless of times per day.

The main feature of Alfred is launching applications quickly by typing (parts of) the applications name instead of clicking on an application icon somewhere.

As an example to start the “Calculator” I would just do:
1. Press cmd + space
2. Type calc
3. Press enter.

Alfred also supports a lot of more features such as search Wikipedia. This could be done by
1. Press cmd + space
2. Type wiki John Doe
3. Press enter

A comprehensive list of features can be found here.

Alfred comes in a free version that should work for most people. But please support the team if you find yourself loving it at much as I do.

Why & How I use Alfred?

A lot of Alfred features are really helpful. I will highlight the three I use the most.


Alfred allows you to create and access snippets easily.
“snip phone” will for example paste my phone number.
“snip address” will write out my address.

Clipboard History

Alfred provides the ability to keep your clipboard history. It’s searchable, easy to clean and use.
“clip” would show me my clipboard history and allow me to easily search and paste the results I want.

Application Launcher

Application launcher is the main feature of Alfred so why bring it up? Why even use Alfred when Spotlight is around?

The answer is that I find Alfred much cleaner and efficient. I’ve configured Alfred to only find Applications and Contacts instead of all files, folders and mail on my computer. This way it’s always fast and easy to find the applications I want to launch, I even use Alfred to switch to already open applications as I find that faster than “alt + tabbing”.

I still use Spotlight to search my computer for files and folders.

That’s it for Alfred. Hope you enjoy it.
Download it at

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