Food for Thought – Part 1

In the Food for Thought article series I will try to collect the best content that I stumble upon. The goal is to gather and share content that provides food for thought.


Lazy – A manifesto:
Short and thought-provoking podcast by Tim Ferris. I will keep listening to this one.

Tony Robbins & Peter Diamandis on the Tim Ferris Show:
Tony and Peters is on the Tim Ferris show. Two really interesting characters.

Tony Robbins on the Tim Ferris Show:
Tony Robbins on money mastery and peak performance. He pitches his latest book Money: Master the Game on the show.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Tim Ferris Show:
Get a glimpse of how Arnold became #1 in politics, body building and action movies.

Matt Mullenweg on the Tim Ferris Show:
Founder of WordPress and Automattic.
“His” software runs 23 percent of the web. That’s just amazing.

Books & Audiobooks

Masters of Doom:
Interesting book about the two founders of Doom, Quake & Wolfenstein 3D. Follow the story on how the two Johns revolutionised an industry. There is also a lot of reminiscing while reading this one, if you are a gamer.

Other stuff

Productivity Mind Map:
A productivity mind map. I found it quite well executed.

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