Food for Thought – Part 2

In the Food for Thought article series I will try to collect the best content that I stumble upon. The goal is to gather and share content that provides food for thought.


Digital Frontiers:
Interviews with people transforming the digital economy in Asia. Very relevant for me as I just moved to Singapore. The first two people interviewed in the show are Darius Cheung of and Pieter Walraven of


How do get kids to learn? Make it like a video game:
Nothing new here, I’m astonished by how few companies make use of this. Learning about World War II could be fun, engaging and very interesting if the story was told through a game.

Elon Musk introduces the Powerwall:
The whole US not being dependant of fossil fuels for electricity. Does that sound easy? It sure does when Elon explains his vision.

Elon Musk gets introspective:
A pretty awkward interview with Elon Musk. Only recommended if you are really interested in the character of Elon Musk.


Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man:
Amazing start of an huge in-depth article series on Elon Musk on WaitButWhy.

How Tesla Will Change The World:
Great long read about what energy is, fossil fuels and how TeslaMotors changes everything.

Other Stuff

Tricorder XPrize:
Looking forward to see the impact of the $10 million TricorderXPRIZE to bring healthcare to the palm of your hand!

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